These functions help you to reference the documentation of specific functions across multiple packages. This is useful in meta-packages. * The functions ending in package output all exported objects of the given packages, and the functions ending in concept output all objects containing the given concepts (strings passed to @family).

  • The functions starting with reference_ output a dataframe optimized for building a reference table (maybe with DT::datatable() or knitr::kable()).

reference_package(x, url = NULL, packages = NULL,
  strip_s3class = TRUE)

reference_concept(x, url = NULL, packages = NULL,
  strip_s3class = TRUE)



A character vector giving concepts or package names to match.


Character vector of length-1 giving a base url, e.g. "".


A character vector with the names of packages to limit the search, or NULL to serach in all known libraries.


TRUE removes the class component of S3 methods.


A dataframe.

See also

Other retrieve documentation: search_docs


if (FALSE) { if (requireNamespace("fgeo.x", quietly = TRUE)) { library(fgeo.x) reference_concept("datasets", url = "") reference_package("datasets", url = "") } }